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One key area of our business is overprinting litho-printed and digitally printed sheets with a rub removable silver or gold opaque ink, that can be scratched off, either with a coin or fingernail. This process is most often used on promotional scratchcards or high security products. It is worth noting that for us to successfully produce a scratchcard there are a number of factors that the printer should be aware of:

Sheets should be printed, varnished and be properly dry (2-3 days) prior to applying the rub removable ink.

It is best to avoid absorbent stocks as this will impair the removability of the ink, although this can be overcome by us applying a screen printed varnish or lamination first. This is also the case with digitally printed sheets.

Where possible, the printer should try to keep the image that we would be trying to `hide` with the rub removable ink as subtle as possible, because the greater the contrast between the background and image, the harder the image is to `hide`.
For further advice please call 0208 653 1459 and we will be happy to assist.