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THERMOCHROMATIC  Hot or cold reveal inks

As the name suggests thermochromatic inks are temperature activated inks that we apply to mostly pre-printed litho sheets, for promotional items such as game cards. Much in the same way as rub removable inks. However, thermochromatic inks have a far more versatile quality and can be used as a safety feature on labels, as warnings to show whether a product is either too hot or too cold.

Hot or cold reveal inks are essentially the same product, opaque to clear or clear to opaque, the only difference being that each requires a different trigger temperature that allows the ink to appear clear. That trigger can be pre-determined by yourselves depending on the end use. For example:  If you require that a cup of tea be no hotter than 35 degrees before you drink it, a label printed with a 35 degree trigger ink will remain clear for as long as the cup is above that temperature. Alternatively, if you require that a product is stored at less than 10 degrees whilst in a fridge then the label will appear black unless the fridge temperature exceeds 10 degrees.